Company Profile

Company Profile

company name
Head Office Factory
1 - 60 Tsuneyoshi 1 - chome, Konohana - ku, Osaka city
President & CEO Hiroumi Makoto
1954 (Showa 29) March 31
Capital Stock
26,000,000 yen
Male 35 Girls 5 Total 40 people
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Nishino Branch
Machining center and various tooling for milling machine Precision machine holding tool


Access by train:

Get off at JR or Hanshin Namba Line 'Nishikujo station'.

From Osaka city bus from the station C bus stop.

59 lines North Shuttle yacht harbor ride ride (about 30 minutes).

Get off at bus stop "Toshiyoshi 1 - chome West" (about 1 minute).

Major item

  • Shrinking holder (shrink fit holder)
  • Hard chuck
  • Small diameter hard chuck
  • CS chuck
  • Small diameter milling chuck
  • Small diameter slim chuck
  • New milling chuck
  • Tap holder (forward rotation type)
  • Tap holder with automatic sizing device
  • Oil hole holder
  • S holder (quick change holder)
  • S holder (quick change holder)
  • Chuck for polishing machine

Main trading partners


Showa 5 (1930)
Start production of nut by cold punching under the name of Hirokai Kogyo
(Location Osaka-shi Fukushima-ku Opens open)
Showa 13 (1938)
Production of precision tool for aircraft and production of machine tools
Showa 21 (1946)
Canning, bottling and other design and production of industrial machinery
Showa 29 (1954)
Established as a professional manufacturer of precision holding tools at the same time as reorganization to Shiwa Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
Showa 44 (1969)
Establishment of sales division to establish Seiwa Shoji Co., Ltd.
Showa 48 (1973)
Toyonaka factory opened Separate as Seiwa Seiki Co., Ltd.
Showa 54 (1979)
Changed Shiwa Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Showa Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Showa 59 (1984)
Completion of Tottori Plant of Showa Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Showa 62 (1987)
Showa Precision Industries Co., Ltd. and Seiwa Shoji Co., Ltd.
Merger for integration of manufacturing and sales
Heisei 3 (1991)
Completed the Toshiyoshi Plant of Showa Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Heisei 9 (1997)
Showa Precision Industries Co., Ltd. Moved headquarters factory integrated
(Current address Osaka city Konohana ward Toshikichi)

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